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Payroll Based Journal version 4 Release

March 30th, 2020 by

We have updated the SimplyWork PBJ reporting to support the latest changes by CMS, and will be v4.00.0 compliant prior to the June 1st deadline. Updates will this latest change will start rolling out in the first week of April, 2020. You do not need to do anything to start using the latest version, as […]

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Scheduling simplified.  Our drag-and-drop Staff Scheduler allows you to create complex schedules in minutes.  Rotations, differentials, assignments and rules can all be customized on-the-fly as you create dynamic schedules for your workforce.


Leave Management

Leave Management Web

Web Based

Leave Management Clock

Clock Based

Leave Management IVR

IVR Based

Timecards & Calculations

The center of the Workforce Management world is the Timecard.  With a sophisticated parameter-driven rules engine, and drag-and-drop user interface, viewing and editing timecards is fast and simple.

Data Collection

IVR Data Collection


Biometric Data Collection

Touchscreen Biometric Timeclock

Web Data Collection

Webclock & Mobile

iPad Data Collection

iPad Clock


The flexible rules engine tracks attendance performance by flagging punches as tardy, early depart or breaks too short or long.  Notifications alert managers when an employee hasn’t punched in or has arrived late.  Dashboards and reports help identify the workers who are consistent offenders and may require extra attention.

The Points Tracker can assign a point infraction for selected exceptions, such as tardy, and reward good attendance by crediting points after a period of perfect attendance.  Point balances are used to measure which employees are performing well vs those who are inconsistent.


  1. Points system
  2. Exceptions/Notifications
  3. Attendance dashboard and reports
  4. User definable rule parameters
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The Accruals engine works in two ways: accruing PTO hours based on hours worked (eg vacation, personal days or bonus hours) and allowing hours based on a given threshold over a period of time (eg allowed 12 hours sick pay before having to use PTO).  Accrual periods can be daily, pay period, monthly or annually, and allow for different accrual rated based on years of service.

Integrated with the Leave Manager, balances are visible to your workforce at the time clock, WebClock or IVR system, and used within the timekeeping to prevent approval or use of a PTO hour type by managers when an insufficient balance exists.


  1. PTO accruals
  2. Allowed limits
  3. Integrated with leave management
  4. Balances visible through self-service
  5. Flexible periods, seniority rates
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In the end, it’s about getting the job done.  We believe that can be accomplished without complexity, intensive training and confusing user experiences.

Simplicity is hiding the complexity while providing employees, supervisors and managers an effortless and obvious user experience.  Mobile. Global. Simple.  It’s how we roll.

Time & Attendance Made Simple

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SimplyWork was launched in 2010 with the mission to create a new breed of mobile-first enterprise software applications. Built upon the modern standards of HTML5, Javascript and CSS, the web-based apps work across all devices which support the latest web standards, while providing a ‘native’ or ‘desktop’ app experience.

Our team has been building, deploying and supporting business apps for timekeeping, attendance, scheduling, leave management and related areas for over 20 years across several business platforms.

SimplyWork represents our choice to clear the slate and start fresh, with no legacy links or limitations. We believe a great product, followed with a great customer experience will make a difference.

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