Leave Management

Our Leave Management integrates with the Accruals Engine to provide employee’s with their PTO balances for viewing and making leave requests.  These requests can be made at the timeclock, webclock or on a mobile device.  Employees can make a new request by specifying the dates, hour type to use (e.g. Vacation, Personal Day, Jury Duty) and the number of hours.

Managers view the requests and can easily accept or decline, providing a comment with their action.  Upon acceptance, the approved time appears on the employee’s timecard automatically.

The Staff Scheduler also displays pending and approved leave requests, which helps schedulers as they plan your workforce’s future schedules.  Notifications can be used to alert managers when new requests arrive, and employees when requests are accepted or declined.

If your leave managing and approving process is handled in your HR or payroll system, we will import balances and provide requests, such that the employees could optionally still view balances and make requests at the timeclock, while managers can continue managing requests in your existing HR or payroll system.


  1. Employee requests from timeclock, webclock or mobile device
  2. Automatic timecard integration
  3. Notifications to managers and employees
  4. Integration with HR/payroll systems

SimplyWork Corporate Office

SimplyWork was launched in 2010 with the mission to create a new breed of mobile-first enterprise software applications. Built upon the modern standards of HTML5, Javascript and CSS, the web-based apps work across all devices which support the latest web standards, while providing a ‘native’ or ‘desktop’ app experience.

Our team has been building, deploying and supporting business apps for timekeeping, attendance, scheduling, leave management and related areas for over 20 years across several business platforms.

SimplyWork represents our choice to clear the slate and start fresh, with no legacy links or limitations. We believe a great product, followed with a great customer experience will make a difference.

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