Payroll Based Journal Reporting in SimplyWork

As many of you know, the CMS has updated the Payroll Based Journal (PBJ) spec to 2.0 which go into effect in June, in time for the July 1 deadline for submitting staffing hours, census and employee data.  SimplyWork has included this functionality since late 2015 and has recently updated to conform to the 2.0 specification.

Current customers are able to upload voluntary test files now through June 30th, 2016.  There are a couple items you need to update before sending your data:

  1. Under Settings/Positions you must map each of your SimplyWork positions to the Labor Titles provided by CMS; we have the 40 or so Labor Titles pre-listed, so you just need to select from the list.  Any position which is not mapped will not be included in the upload.
  2. Under Settings/Locations you must update each Locations’s CMS Facility ID and State under the CMS Reporting tab
  3. Census data for Medicare, Medicaid and Other is logged through the Settings/Scheduling/Demand Feed app; you can add census data for each community for each month.
  4. Contractors and other non-employee workers can be added to the Employees app with an Employment Type of “Contractor”; they will be included in the CMS PBJ reporting but not sent to payroll.

When running the report, SimplyWork will consolidate all the hours by position and day between the dates you provide (likely by the quarter, though you can report more often), and deliver as a zip file to be downloaded to your PC.  Next, log into the CMS website (using credentials provided by them) where you can upload the zip file.

We are on-boarding a number of customers now who may/may not have all reporting facilities on-line by July 1.  As a backup, we can import punch data from 3rd party systems directly into our timecard application so-as to include that data in your first quarterly filing.

For more information or questions regarding SimplyWork’s PBJ reporting, please drop us a note at:

More information regarding Payroll Based Journal can be found on the CMS website:


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